Dixie Belle PATINA PAINT - BRONZE -  8 oz. - NEW
Dixie Belle PATINA PAINT - BRONZE -  8 oz. - NEW

Dixie Belle PATINA PAINT - BRONZE - 8 oz. - NEW

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Dixie Belle's water-based Patina Paints are ground metal in a non-toxic, water based acrylic binder. They may be applied to both metal and non-metal surfaces such as glasss, wood, ceramics, concrete, foam, and fiberglass. Our Patina Paints are resilient outdoors, lasting for up to 15 years and are non-hazardous. 

SHAKE WELL before applying. When using on iron, steel, or other metals, apply Prime Start to prep the surface and prevent rusting through the piece after Patina Spray is applied. On non-metal, apply a coat of Dixie Belle Paint....let dry. With brush or sponge apply first coat of Patina Paint, let dry. Apply second coat and while still wet apply Patina Spray. This allows the chemical reaction with the metal to occur. Warming the paint with a hair dryer or heat gun helps the patina to bond.

Wear gloves, goggles, and other  PPE. Always use with adequate ventilation! DO NOT INGEST. DO NOT FREEZE

Dixie Belle Patina Paints make it easy to create fabulous authentic aged finishes!

Wood samples of:

Iron w/Green Patina Spray

Bronze w/Blue Patina Spray

Copper w/Green Patina Spray

Really helpful so customers can see end results!