IOD - Iron Orchid Designs - Decor Stamp - BUILD A WREATH (Large) 12 x 12 - 1st Generation - Retired

IOD - Iron Orchid Designs - Decor Stamp - BUILD A WREATH (Large) 12 x 12 - 1st Generation - Retired

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12" x 12" clear cling Stamp - Retired. 6 individual stamps to build a wreath.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 1st Generation IOD product and when supplies are sold, restocking will not be possible.

Add your own unique style to your home decor! These versatile Build A Wreath stamps can be used on furniture, fabric, walls, and much more! Create all different kinds of wreaths with the Build a Wreath Decor Stamp Set. This package contains six clear stamps on one 12" x 12" backing sheet. 

For anyone who hasn't used the IOD Decor Stamps, they are essentially what they sound like. A Stamp. Similar to a stamp that you might have used as a child - but magical. The IOD Decor Stamps have the power to transform an item that you found on the side of the road to an item that you will have to convince your husband you didn't spend your entire monthly budget on. Yeah, that is a good thing!

But wait - there's more. The IOD Decor stamps aren't just for furniture and home decor, you can use them to transform your food art as well! The stamps are made from a food safe material (do not use the same sets for food and paint). But be warned - they are for high heat applications. DO NOT put in dishwasher, they will melt at extreme heats. And then you will be extremely heated, too!


Before removing from the backing, condition your stamps with a very fine grit sandpaper. Scuff the surface in two directions. This helps the medium stay put, and not bead (which some types, like ceramic glazes, tend to do). Remove stamps from backing when read to use. This takes some force, but don't worry, the stamps are strong.


Large mounting block: This is recommended for surfaces that are perfectly flat, for  example, if you are doing fabric on a perfectly flat work surface.

Freestyle stamping: This is what we call it when you use a flexible piece of plastic, such as the clear sheet that came with the stamps, as a mounting device. Simply position the stamp on the sheet and proceed. This is great for irregular surfaces such as walls or furniture (surprisingly, many furniture surfaces that appears flat have dips - this method will conform nicely).

No mount: This is when you would use the stamp without mounting to anything because you want it to really conform to a curved surface or even stretch.

For example, someone used the front of their boots, and was able to stretch the stamp and conform it cleanly to the surface even though the boot is very curved. When using the bare stamp, make sure that your fingers don't stick to it. This could cause the stamp to lift from the surface and create a smudge. Nobody likes an unintentional smudge. Whichever mounting method you use, the stamp backs must be perfectly clean, as well as the mount, in order for the stamp to cling to the mount.


   Paint: Paint works wonderfully with the Decor Stamps. When using paint, we recommend creating a small puddle to roll a small dense foam roller in. Make sure you get an even load and roll onto the design side of the mount (or if using unmounted, proceed accordingly) stamp. This part takes a little practice to get the feel or the load  so that it's enough to give you the impression you want without being sloppy. Also, keep in mind that variables such as the surface you are stamping, the medium you are using, as well as the look you are trying to achieve. Practice makes perfect!

   Ink: Our Decor ink, and most other brands, work fabulously with the Decor Stamps as well. Ink gives finer detail and tends to be a little more translucent than paint, keep this in mind in consideration to your project. We find that we like using paint and ink equally, and they lend themselves well to different projects and surfaces. We recommend using the blank stamp pads to apply the ink (one for each color), then pat the surface of the stamp with it.


   Fabric: When stamping fabric the load of medium should be generous in order to penetrate the fibers, and the look will be different with different levels of fabric texture. Decor ink, Chalk paint, and other fabric suitable mediums work well. It is our opinion that the ideal fabrics for permanent washables is 100 percent cotton. However, blends and some other natural fibers can sometimes work as well. Do a small test to be sure. Allow your newly stamped fabric to dry/cure for a minimum of 24 hours, then heat set with an iron on high heat before washing.

   Furniture: Both painted and stained furniture can be stamped. In fact, this is one of the  most common uses of our Decor Stamps. You can use ink or paint, but I tend to use paint more for furniture.

   Walls: Walls are a fabulous surface opportunity for Decor Stamps. Create all over  patterns that are a level up from wallpaper, and completely custom, or use the decor stamps to create an old world border. We love using paint for wall applications!